Management director

Péter Pesztericz

Managing director

Major responsibilities

As a managing director, he is responsible for the stability of the whole company, as well as for continued compliance with our owners’ expectations. He both directs and takes part in the processes affecting the company, coordinates projects that are related to the Austrian Post, and supervises the company’s marketing activities. As an employer, he is answerable for each employee, while also managing all changes affecting the company. He is the one to set strategic goals for the middle and the long run.

Participation in projects

  • Structural reorganization of the company.
  • Moving the company to its new premises, the BILK logistics center.
  • Shaping up the new sorting system.
  • Developing a customer service call center.
  • Preparing the new web site of the company, as well as coordination of online developments.
  • Preparing the move toward the B2C market.

Results he is proud of in the history of trans-o-flex

  • Having retained 4th position in the small parcel segment of the COP market with guaranteed delivery deadline as well as realizing 23.2% more deliveries and 16.8% more revenue in 2012 as compared to the previous year.
  • Having moved the central depot of the company to a new place and set up a new sorting center and offices at the BILK logistics center.
  • Having been able to maintain good relations with both clients and subcontractors year after year.
  • Having been able to establish a client-focused approach (by creating a newsletter, operating a call center, organizing partner events, introducing e-mail and sms notifications etc.), as well as developing a team that works together well.