ISO Certifications

Quality assurance certificates obtained by trans-o-flex

As proof of our quality services, in August 2009 trans-o-flex received two integrated certificates, MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 and MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005, issued by International CERT Hungary Kft. for the standardized operation of our quality management system and environmentally focused governance system, respectively.

trans-o-flex’ policy on quality

Our goal is to maintain a quality management system that ensures the prevention and correction of errors, as well as the control and development of our service level. Beside that, our main principle is to constantly improve the level of our services, and to that end we are carrying out structural, IT and technological developments on a regular basis.

Since we want to meet our customers increasing requirements, we keep expanding our shipment and services portfolio.

We have set our minds on ensuring our clients’ development and becoming their strategic partner both in Hungary and abroad, therefore we keep increasing our capacities, and work in close cooperation with the members of the trans-o-flex Logistics Group, with the subsidiary companies of our owner, as well as with the service providers of neighboring countries.

As part of all that, we want to carry out our activities with the help of well-trained employees, in well-equipped offices and depots and in a nice work environment.

In order to provide quality services, we also exercise strict control over our subcontractors concerning the fulfillment of the requirements set up for them by trans-o-flex.

trans-o-flex’ policy on the environment

We have also set up a goal concerning the environment, that our company may carry out its activities at each organizational level with the environment in mind. We pay special attention to embed this kind of attitude in all of our company’s employees and those who represent us during their work.

The fundamental principle of our environmental policy is that we want to carry out all activities in full compliance with all relevant environmental regulations and legal requirements.

Our company is committed to constant development and strives to minimize and reduce any negative impact on the environment brought about by its operation.

In order that this environmental policy might be implemented, the management of our company undertakes to set up specific targets and will observe all the principles and purpose of any related procedures and directions.

Principles and goals of trans-o-flex’ policy on the enviroment

  • It is important for us to instruct our colleagues and representatives, improving their sensitivity to environmental issues, so that they might identify and reduce the effects of their activities that are harmful to the environment.
  • We pay attention to the monitoring of and full compliance with all regulations, legal requirements and internal rules related to the environmental aspect of our activities.
  • We strive to prevent any pollution that might occur as a result of our operation, as well as to minimize waste and any other harmful effects thereof.
  • In order to protect our environment, we maintain open communication with our customers, vendors, the authorities and other relevant players.
  • For greater consciousness regarding the issue of environmental protection, as well as for continued improvement, we have introduced regular evaluations concerning our environmental performance.