How to Fill in a Waybill?


The waybill serves also as the agreement.

The basis of our service is this three-copy, self-copying, bar-coded document. It provides all the information necessary for the successful delivery of your package. The waybill shall always be filled in by the sender, authenticating it by his or her signature.

Compulsory fields of the waybill:

Yellow fields are compulsory to fill in!

1. Sender
The place to pick up the consignment. Instead of filling in manually, you may use your company stamp for this field. In this case, please do the same on each copy of the waybill individually. If you know the ID number of your company, please provide it as well.
2. Addressee
The place of delivery of the consignment. Please take care to provide the zip code accurately. Company code field: If your addressee is already in our system, an ID number will also be available. In case you know the ID number of your addressee, please fill in this field too.
3. Payer
Freights can be paid by third parties as well (that is neither the sender, nor the addressee). In this case, however, the payer must also have a separate contract in place with trans-o-flex Hungary Kft..
4. Services
You may choose from 4.a ‘Basic Delivery’, 4.b ‘Supermarket Delivery’, and 4.c ‘International Shipment’ services. When sending your consignment, please select at least one basic service type. If you choose a type 4.a ‘Basic Delivery’ and wish to use the COD service, please do not forget to fill in the bank account number field, where the collected value of the goods can be transferred to you. The maximum value of COD to be collected is 1,000,000 HUF (that is one million HUF). If you wish to use our Document management service included in type 4.d ‘Other Domestic Services’, please indicate clearly and accurately the ID of the documents to be returned to you (such as your own packaging list, for example).
5. Consignment information
For type 5.a ‘Parcel Consignments’, please provide the total number and the total gross weight of packages sent to the same address, rounded up to kilograms. For type 5.b ‘Pallet Consignments’, please provide the total number and the total gross weight of pallets sent to the same address, rounded up to kilograms. One waybill may contain only one type of consignments, so 5.a and 5.b cannot be combined.
6. Value of goods and Additional insurance
Up to a value of 100,000 HUF, consignments are automatically insured by trans-o-flex. This means that the tariff for such consignments already contains the cost of their full-scale insurance. Up to a value of 500,000 HUF / consignment (that is five hundred thousand HUF per consignment), we take full responsibility for the goods in case you fill in the ‘Net value of the goods’ field, and tick the Package insurance checkbox. This service, however, is not free of charge, which means we only take material responsibility for consignments with a value between 100,000-500,000 HUF if a surcharge is paid for their insurance.
7. Notes and consignment descriptions
This is a field for providing any important information concerning the content of the package and/or concerning its delivery.
8. Payer of the freight
In the Payer (of the freight) field, please always indicate the party that is going to pay for the shipment. If you do not indicate the payer, the freight will automatically be invoiced to the sender. International export shipments can be requested with the Sender pays option only.
9. Waybill Authentication
The waybill must always be signed by the person handing over the consignment, in the field Waybill Authentication.
10. Bar code and Waybill number
These are the individualized identifiers of consignments/packages.


The waybill has certain fields that are compulsory to fill in, since without these, the quality of the service cannot be guaranteed. By filling in the waybill, the client/sender accepts the provisions of trans-o-flex Hungary Kft.’s General Terms and Conditions of agreement. Information contained in the comments field of either the Pickup Form or the waybill, cannot be considered official and does not replace the proper selection of the shipment option. This field serves only for providing extra information to help the work of couriers in delivering the consignment. If the delivery is paid for by the addressee (“Ex-Works Service”), the freight will be calculated on the basis of the current tariff and collected from the addressee in cash against a cash invoice. Collecting the sum of COD is different from this, since it pertains to the value of the delivered goods and not to the shipment itself.
In case you want to insure your consignment, please do not forget to fill in the field “Net value of goods”. If you have opted for document management, please provide the ID numbers of the document(s) to be managed in the field “ID number(s) of document(s) accompanying the consignment”. When using the company stamp to fill in the sender field, please remember to stamp all three copies of the waybill. The sum of COD should be rounded to 5 or 0. COD collection may be requested by filling in the fields “Sum of COD” and “Bank account number for COD transfer” in an accurate and legible manner.

Several packages to one address

(providing the address for multiple packages)

In case you are sending several packages to the same address, you need to fill in one waybill only, attaching it to one of them (the so-called “main package”). All the other packages shall take a so-called “side package” label, which need to be filled in in accordance with the waybill on the main package. At the time of picking up your packages, our courier will provide you with all the necessary forms.
Customers who have signed a customized general agreement with trans-o-flex may be exempt from filling in waybills if they use our company’s client software for addressing their consignments. For more information on the benefits of the client software as well as on the conditions of its installation, please see the „Client Software” section of our web site.

Useful tip

By signing the waybill, you accept the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions, therefore we ask you to get fully acquainted with the content thereof. In order that you may find the most important points of the GTC quickly and effectively, we have gathered them together for you in an abstract. The abstract, however, does not replace the full version. Download the abstract of the General Terms and Conditions