How do we work?


Our domestic network is constantly being developed and, as a result, at present we carry out our handling operations in sixteen provincial facilities and a central depot in Budapest. Night-time transportation between the Budapest center and the provincial facilities is carried out by our fleet of trucks that can take up to 10-34 pallets each. The packages are then delivered to their destinations by more than 350 couriers who work every weekday as well as on Saturdays all over the country.


The route of a package

Consignments received from our partners are taken by our couriers to the depots. With the help of our line-haul network, all of these packages are carried on to the central depot in Budapest, where they get measured and bar-coded. Then the sorting system directs each package to the appropriate depot based on the addressee’s zip code. During the night, the packages are transported to their respective receiving depots, where the optimum routes are planned for the couriers, who start work early in the morning.

Shipment consolidation

A competitive edge for our clients

Packages from the same sender, sent on the same day, using the same shipment option and the same packaging units (boxes or pallets), sent to the same address, but having different waybill numbers are handled jointly by TRANS-O-FLEX. This is what we call “shipment consolidation”.
With this service available, your customers may submit several orders a day, which you may prepare and pack up right away. Yet, these different consignments with their own ID numbers will be handled jointly, and the freight will be calculated on the basis of the joint mass of the packages. Thus, our clients realize savings on their shipment!


TRANS-O-FLEX has all the insurances needed for its operations. Based on this, our clients’ consignments are insured up to their value certified by commercial invoices, from pickup to delivery. In order to prevent damages, though, it is important that our partners, knowing the type of goods they are sending, always use the appropriate method of packaging.

Technical background

One of the pillars of our system is the bar coded identification of the packages..
From pickup to delivery, your consignments go through at least four check points. In these facilities we use mobile PDAs communicating through wireless or GPRS networks. With the help of these devices we ensure that every operation is traceable as well as that the undertaken 24-hour delivery deadline is observed. Real-time information on the route and status of your consignments is available on the “Track & Trace” surface of our web site.

Delivery capacities

The logistics department of TRANS-O-FLEX monitors the loadedness of the vehicles of the line-haul network as well as of the local delivery circuits so that the requested deadlines are met in at least 99.8% of the cases. Keeping up with the ever increasing number of orders, we always create a reserve in the capacity of the distribution network so that it remains capable of handling any increases in the number of addresses (seasonal consignments, occasional promotional products, Christmas etc.) in a flexible manner.