Price quote and agreement

The individual conditions provided in the price quote are valid for 30 days from the date they are issued. During this period, the offer enters into force by signing the general agreement. In case the validity period expires, you need to contact our sales department to request a new quote.
Please submit your request to the sales department via e-mail (ertekesites@tofhungary.hu; +36 1 8 777 420) or online through “Request a price quote” to be called back by our representative. Please do not forget to provide your phone numbers.
The company information sheet contains all the information concerning the contracting client that make cooperation between our staff and our client easier and faster, as well as those that are absolutely necessary for signing the general agreement.

Package management

Clients may submit their shipment request by filling in the downloadable Pickup Form and submitting it via e-mail, fax or online, or by calling our customer service staff during the working hours (08:00–18:00), who are ready to receive your order. In case the consignment is to be picked up in Budapest, orders can be submitted by 12 o’clock in the morning, whereas in other locations orders are received on the basis of preliminary agreement, by providing the number of packages, as well as their total weight and volume.
No. Trans-o-flex does not ship any packages whose dimensions differ from those determined in the General Terms and Conditions.
You need to fill in 1 waybill only, attaching it to one of the packages that is considered to be the main package. To all the other packages then, you need to attach a side package label, which must be filled in accordance with the waybill. Our courier will provide you with the waybill and the labels needed for using the services.
Yes, you may take your package personally to our central depot at 12 Európa road, Budapest, 1239 (BILK logistics center, building L1). Consignments brought in before that time are guaranteed to be delivered the next day.
Yes, if you agree about it with our staff and select the right shipment option (08H). In case of hypermarket shipments, you may only choose the time-gate option and act accordingly.
In case of unsuccessful delivery, our courier will leave a notification at the premises, and on the next day will attempt to deliver the package again. Trans-o-flex’ tariff includes the cost of two delivery attempts for each consignment.
In case the weight of the consignment is not more than 40 kg, and one person can handle it manually, our courier will be able to carry out the delivery to the provided address.

Collecting the COD sum

Fill in the “Sum of COD” field in the waybill, as well as your bank account number in the “Bank account” field, where we may transfer the sum of COD. Our courier will collect the sum indicated in HUF, rounded to 5 or 0, at the time of the delivery, therefore we ask you to provide a rounded amount. Attention! The field ”Value of goods” is for general and/or insurance information only and does not obligate the courier to collect COD.
The sum of the collected COD is paid to the client on the first working day following delivery, via a bank transfer. When fulfilling the payment via bank transfer, we are going to refer to the receipt number indicated in the field “ID numbers of documents accompanying the consignment” or, if no such number is provided, to the number of the waybill. The sum transferred this way will be easy to identify. In case you want to receive less transfers in order to minimize your transaction fees, you may submit a request and send back the downloadable declaration concerning the frequency of your transfers.
Is there an opportunity for trans-o-flex to pay the sum collected as COD in cash? No. Collected CODs are paid to clients exclusively by bank transfer.
Modification requests concerning CODs have to be submitted to our customer service in writing, sent by e-mail to ugyfelszolgalat@tofhungary.hu, or by fax to number +36 1 8 777 499. Modification of the COD sum is possible only if the package has not been delivered yet.
Yes, our couriers give an acknowledgement of receipt to the addressee at the time of the delivery, which certifies the receipt of the indicated sum.
At present, there are five international destinations where the COD service is available, with the following conditions:

Slovakia: Collecting the COD sum is possible in Euros (€) only, which sum then will be transferred also in Euros to a Euro-based bank account held in Slovakia or Hungary on a weekly basis.

Romania: Collecting the COD sum is possible in Leus (RON) only, which sum then will be transferred also in Leus to a Leu-based bank account held in Romania on a weekly basis.

Croatia: Collecting the COD sum is possible in Kunas (HRK) only, which sum then will be transferred also in Kunas to a Kuna-based bank account held in Croatia on a weekly basis.

Czech Republic: Collecting the COD sum is possible in Czech Korunas (CZK) only, which sum then will be transferred also in Korunas to a Koruna-based bank account held in the Czech Republic on a weekly basis.

Austria: Collecting the COD sum is possible in Euros (€) only, which sum then will be transferred also in Euros to a Euro-based bank account held in Austria on a weekly basis.

Document management, pickup of return shipment

Trans-o-flex undertakes to have the documents accompanying the consignment (invoice, packing list) approved by the addressee and to send them back to the Client. If the service is ordered, these documents need to be sticked on the side of the consignment in a separate document pouch. When several packages are sent to the same address, the documents to be managed shall be attached to the so-called main package. The approved documents contain the date of delivery, the name of the receiver, and the stamp of the addressee. Managed documents are shipped back to our Clients on a weekly basis. When requesting this service, please do not forget to fill in the field “ID numbers of documents accompanying the consignment”. Otherwise, we cannot take responsibility for its proper fulfilment.
Upon the request of the Client, we undertake the shipment of a prepared package (e.g. a product under warranty or after repair) from the addressee back to the Client, picked up at the time the Client’s package is delivered. Such return shipments are delivered to the Client on the next working day following their pickup from the addressee.
The condition of applying a discount to such consignments is that the parameters of the return package do not exceed those of the original one (identical packaging units, approximately the same weight and dimensions). This service can be requested by ticking the “Return shipment” field in the waybill.


On May 1, 2004, article 167 of the Act on accountancy was modified, stating that invoices issued after this date are valid without signature and stamp.

ARU – We go to an address other than the Client’s premises in any part of the country, and deliver the consignment to the Client’s premises on the next working day following the pickup.

AR3 – We go to an address other than the Client’s premises in any part of the country, and deliver the consignment to an address determined by the Client, different from the Client’s own premises, on the next working day following the pickup.

ARL – A process always included in both ARU and AR3 shipments, which signifies the delivery of the picked up consignment to the defined address.

Waybill numbers assigned to ARU and AR3 procedures are always different from that of the included ARL process. This technical division helps us track the fulfilment of the pickup and the route of the consignment.

The processes can be paired with the help of the company name and the date.

Since our company prepares its invoices on a biweekly basis, ARU and AR3 items fulfilled on turning dates (the 15th and the last day of each month) will be indicated on the relevant invoice, while the connected ARL services will only show up on the invoice of the next period.

Packages from the same sender, sent on the same day, using the same shipment option and sent to the same address, but having different waybill numbers are handled jointly by trans-o-flex. With this service, we save you money on your freight, since the charge for the shipment will be determined on the basis of the joint weight of the packages sent to the same address.

In case of consignments with a specific mass per 1 m3 less than 167 kg, freight is calculated on the basis of the volume weight.

Volume weight = (height×length×width) / 6000, expressed in centimeters.

In case the length of the package exceeds 120 cm and/or its width exceeds 70 cm and/or its height exceeds 60 cm, the consignment is considered to be oversized and will be shipped for a surcharge. (More information: General Terms and Conditions, article 7.4)

Client Software

The client software is provided to our contracted clients free of charge.
Each label should be 105 mm wide and 48 mm high, and one A4 sheet should have 12 of these.

This type of labels is distributed by:
– APLI Ref. 01289
– Avery Zweckform 3424
The software is also capable of cooperating with thermal printers. For more information please contact your sales representative.
When installing the client software, our colleague will provide you with 1 or 2 sheets of labels for the start. Afterwards, it will be your responsibility to buy it.
The program is installed and its use is shown to you at a time agreed with the sales department. Please call +36 1 8 777 420.